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Who we are

iSens is a branding and design company based in Shanghai. We specialise in branding, visual identity, corporate identity, rebranding, logo design and print design. We provide fully customized solutions to make your brand succeed with eye-catching design and necessary functionality.

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What we do

Creative Design
Brand Strategy & Identity
Web & Mobile Development
Digital Marketing Strategy
IT Consulting
Talent Ooutsource

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our stories

Recent work

Sabaf China Wechat Official account and Wechat shop setup
November 28, 2023

ACR, founded in 1981 and headquartered in Italy, has been a part of the SABAF group since 2016. iSens played a crucial role in assisting ACR's branch in Shanghai, China in setting up a WeChat official account. This move aimed to maintain ongoing management and expand ACR's brand influence in the region. Additionally, iSens helped establish a WeChat shop for selling ACR's products, effectively alleviating pressure on the sales department by handling small orders.

Allelique - High-end skin care Brand created in London
November 28, 2023

Allelique is a prestigious skin care brand hailing from the UK. iSens, leveraging its expertise, formulated the key visuals (KV) for the official account and utilized the same style to design other pages such as the brand story and brand theory. By conducting ongoing management, iSens effectively promotes the brand to its intended target customer groups, establishing a strong image as a high-end skin care brand. Furthermore, iSens assisted in creating a WeChat Youzan shop to facilitate online sales of Allelique's products.

Grandall 2023 Group Basketball Game
November 28, 2023

After the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Grandall Operation Department organized a basketball game for its employees as a means to boost morale. iSens collaborated with the brand operation department to create key visuals and other related items for the event. Thanks to this joint effort, the basketball game turned out to be a resounding success, bringing joy and positive energy to the participants.

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