Raffles hospital
iSens work with its Marketing department for developing a branding plan, and assist them with various market operations and promotion plans for its fresh foreshore hospital which was opened in 2021.
Graphic design
Print design
iSens has forged a strategic partnership with the Marketing department of Raffles Shanghai Clinic and Hospital. Together, we have meticulously crafted a comprehensive branding plan, offering invaluable support for various market operations and promotional initiatives. Our collaboration particularly centered around the successful launch of the Fresh Foreshore Hospital in 2021.

Our multifaceted involvement encompassed the development of both online and offline assets. We designed captivating visual materials, including online and offline key visuals (KV), screen posters, and elevator posters, which played a pivotal role in promoting the hospital's services and brand identity.

Moreover, our team took charge of essential digital marketing tasks, such as the creation and management of a WeChat official account and the establishment of a WeChat Youzan shop. Ongoing management of these platforms ensured a dynamic online presence for Raffles Shanghai Clinic and Hospital.In addition to these efforts, we collaborated on the creation of a Raffles Class membership book, a valuable resource for engaging and retaining clientele. We also contributed to seasonal promotions, including Double 11 and Double 12, by crafting compelling KV and promotional materials.

Our commitment extended beyond the initial launch phase. We continuously analyzed platform data to gain insights into audience behavior and preferences, allowing us to refine and optimize the operation plan for sustained success.
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